There was this man who would kidnap five women/girls at once, would take them to a large shed, torture them in front of each other, then would knock them out and bury them alive in the woods. They would wake up and suffer through a painful death. Well, I was visiting my grandma’s house and decided I was going to explore the woods more thoroughly. I was twenty-one and had a concealed firearm so I wasn’t entirely worried about the bears. I walked and walked and walked until it was time to head back. As I turned to leave, I noticed large, strange lumps hidden by leaves. I pushed the leaves aside and immediately noticed the five girls’ heads and necks above the ground. Three of them were already dead but one was awake and another unconscious. I was about to call 911 when Arik, followed by David and Aaron (characters of mine from DGG) abruptly appeared out of the shadows and hurried towards me. They assisted me in freeing all five girls. As we headed back, I noticed a camera partially concealed on a tree branch. I immediately took it down, hoping to find a tape but it was running live so I crushed it instead. We left the deceased ones for the moment and headed back towards the house where the conscious girl told us everything she possibly could about what had occurred. (Not going into details; trying to keep this kind of short.) Naturally, I wanted to find the bastard and kill him. David and Aaron shared shifts out in the woods to see if the murderer would come back and bury more. That turned out to be a dead end so I decided, since I had ruined one of his schemes, he would want to kidnap me. I started to make sure that I walked alone a lot in certain areas at specific times every day. It was three days later that I got a phone call from the hospital saying both survivors I had found in the woods had died, having been given the wrong dosage. I’d seen enough movies where that happened but it still sent chills down my spine. It seemed impossible to figure out where the killer was hiding. Then I remembered something. Shayla(also my character from DGG) is a psychic. Sure enough, she miraculously shows up and points us in the right direction. (Cutting more details.) It’s a nearby shed. Literally. It’s on the same property. All of us can’t exactly just go barging in so I decide to go alone and have a look around. The shed door wasn’t even locked so I slid it open enough to enter. There was little light inside but it was enough to see the horror before me. Four gagged women were tied together on a wall, their feet barely brushing the concrete, enticing them because if they could just push hard enough downwards to be able to jump high, they could be free. Their eyes flashed as I moved the light so I could see how to release them. At least all four were still alive. I noticed the significance of there just being four of them; I was probably supposed to be the fifth, but I continue to go for the bait. I knew he entered the shed behind me as I freed the second woman but I ignored him as I gently put the squealing woman on the floor. They were trying to warn me but I wasn’t afraid of him. He lunged at me with a knife and I saw the reflection in the side of the shed, dodging at the right moment. He stumbled. He wasn’t even that large of a man. He looked pretty normal (cough cough(this is a sign)) considering. I slipped back out of the shed but he didn’t come after me. I pulled out my gun and watched for him, keeping the gun partially hidden by my side. Finally, he came around the building from another exit. He held a bat in his hand and intended to beat me up with it. I warned him that I would kill him if he harmed me. He thought I was bluffing and continued moving towards me. *BANG* I didn’t even realize I had done it but there was a hole in his chest and I was looking at him down the length of the gun. He continued towards me like a maniac and I didn’t hesitate to shoot him twice more. He stopped, glaring at me before finally keeling over. Arik, Aaron, and David came out of the shadows to help me with the survivors again and I shot the killer twice in the head, just to be sure. I felt like kicking his corpse continuously but I restrained myself. We got the survivors to the hospital and we searched for the other dead women/girls, having a pretty good idea where they all were.


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