No, you haven’t won anything. Mwah ha ha! That’s just the way life goes. ;p I don’t have much to talk about in this post. I haven’t talked to Josh lately (listen to me. “Lately.” He spent the whole weekend over here for crying out loud!) and nothing too interesting occurred today. I’ve been playing Sims 3 (hehe) to build houses and haven’t even picked up a book so far. *GASP!* SO! I am getting off of the computer until 9pm so that I can either spend that time reading or writing. I already know I need to cook (*voices screaming in background* “She’s going to poison us! Help us!”) and you probably think I’m weird putting all the comments in parentheses (too bad!) but that’s what I think as I type it so you’ll have to deal with that if you’re going to be reading this blog(mwah ha ha!).


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