A strange dream, I recall from once upon a time. A dream in which I met a twin and we both pondered about exactly what once upon a time meant. Did it state that time was limitless? Or did it claim that there were other universes that were parallel with this one? Did man come up with the saying or was it put into his head by a god(dess)? As much as we thought and argued about the topic, we got no further along the path of understanding. When the time came for the dream to end, I called after the twin that was leaving yet she was somehow different. She turned, her eyes full of patience. “There are universes parallel to this one, right?” With a smile she replied, “man will find out when the time is right.” “But I am a young woman. When will I find out?” Her smile grew wider and I realized how unlike me she truly was. “When the time is right.” She turned and darkness swallowed her. I woke in a room drenched with sunlight. I sat up, looking about my familiar room, the dream’s events ringing in my head. I was not crazy. I am not crazy. We know there’s something out there. We can’t prove it now but we will. When the time is right.


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