People want me to start tip-toeing around them, aka being careful what I say. What? When did I start saying things that offended them? I always ensure that I don’t. Well, since certain people believe that I haven’t been “polite” around them lately, I’m showing them exactly what it looks like when I do be impolite around them. Starting with my religion. Many people (Christians, Catholics, the like) believe that Wiccans are “devil worshippers.” I’m sorry. I thought we were moving forward and that this is the 21st century. I could be wrong about that but I’m gonna say it anyway, “you people are morons!” I have personally tried several times to get them to understand that we do not worship their interpretation of the “devil.” There are different types of Wiccans; some being a combination of religions (Wiccan-Pagan, Wiccan-Catholic, Wiccan-w/e). I am among the ones that celebrate Nature. This next is going to sound other-worldly but here goes: I use energy from the five elements to heal and protect people. Herbalists are similar. It’s not to summon demons, create chaos, or to torture people. It’s used for good. Now, if you’re more interested in this subject, I suggest you look up this religion and do some research, however! Make sure you cross-reference everything and remember, not everything is reliable, especially not Wikipedia. You can go into the Knights of the Round Table article (for example) and change Arthur to be you. Any sites claiming Wiccans are “devil worshippers” is not a reliable site. I hope this opened your eyes, even if  just a little.


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