Word Play

     Having a blast (sarcasm) thanks to a “friend.” I would talk to him instead of complaining here but he won’t reply to any of my messages anymore. It’s funny that when he’s exceptionally rude and insults me, I don’t hurriedly get offline and ignore him. I think it’ll be another ten years before he even gets close to maturing. So rather than go into detail about this, I am going to admire the sunlight drifting through the dancing leaves of the trees. Now, there’s word play here. Leaves can’t dance. They can shake, rustle, etc but they can’t do the mambo or cha-cha. “Sunlight drifting…” Does it really drift or come down in beams? If you take apart sentences like this, it completely ruins the meaning of it, right? Sometimes and sometimes not. It depends on the person and their thoughts on the matter.


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