Happy V-Day

     Happy Valentine’s Day, guys. While I know the story behind Valentine’s Day, I regret I am not going to take the time here to repeat it seeing as a large majority of you have already looked it up online. It seems that some friendship issues are slowly resolving. Let’s see how far that gets. Lately I’ve been delving into some personal studies such as comparing religions. I’ve known for a long time that Christianity is mostly built on paganism. Yes, it’s true. Christianity consists mostly of paganism. The church just took large portions of paganism, made it their own, and the church demonized the parts they didn’t like. Hence, Wiccans were labeled as “devil worshippers” and as “demonic” while all along, the church was using most of the paganism customs. An eye opener there to some of you, eh? Here’s proof: to this day, most churchgoers attend services on Sunday morning with no idea that they are there on account of the pagan sun god’s weekly tribute–Sunday. That’s just one similarity and no, it’s not a coincidence. If you don’t believe me still, do a little research of your own. If you’re Christian, it’s not going to destroy your faith by any means. You’ll just be more learned in the history of your religion.


2 thoughts on “Happy V-Day

  1. What would most people do without the presence of the marvellous thoughts you share on this website? Who has got the tolerance to deal with crucial topics with regard to common visitors like me? My spouse and i and my friends are very lucky to have your blog among the ones we usually visit. Hopefully you know how much we appreciate your efforts! Best wishes through us all.

    1. I would like you to know that your comment made me incredibly happy after a horrible day and I can’t even begin to say in words how thankful I am. It is people like you that make everything and anything seem possible. Thank you so much.

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