My Connection

     My birth element is supposed to be fire, my planet Mars, and my god is supposed to be Ares. Well, the elements I can fully control include water, air, and earth. I can control spirit but not completely and I prefer not to, like most other Wiccans. It seems weird that I can’t control fire, though it’s my birth element, right? I’ve always preferred Athena over the other gods and goddesses. She also seems to respond to me every time. However, I’ve also been blind. Since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with water and I prefer to be deep underwater rather than on the surface of it. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out that my main god is Poseidon. It isn’t like I’m going to shun Athena or anything. Quite the contrary. Some Wiccans have a god and goddess, or just a god, or just a goddess, or just ask Gaia for assistance, etc. There are a lot of combinations. So, Poseidon of Water and Athena of Intelligence. Interesting and yet, not too surprising in a way.


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