It’s natural of me to protect my friends. To always have their back, even when they don’t ask. Well, all of those so-called friends have, at some point, heard of the stuff I’ve done for them, though not to an extent, and guess what? They could care less! So when I have to ask for something or need to talk, of course, what I’d like/need doesn’t matter to them. How do I keep getting these single-sided friendships? It’s always 100% on my end and absolutely nothing on theirs. You’d think I’d just leave about now, eh? Just stop bothering to meet new people and just stick with the ones I know aren’t going to let me down? I’m thinking that too. I’ve always been independent and trying to pretend that I want to depend on friends is a crock of bull anyway. I guess it’s back to the old country gal. You can’t say I didn’t try to be a city girl. I never tried to change the real me, I simply tried doing a few things differently. Look how far that’s got me!


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