I was about fifteen in the first dream where Josh and I had just gotten back from a walk or something, mom was at the store, and these two men were in my house trying to steal anything of value. They didn’t try to harm us but told us to stay out of their way. I turned around to tell Josh to get my gun but he was long gone so I instead went to get Kelly’s. In the process, I found Josh hiding in a closet so while trying not to be amused at that, I went back in and shot the two thieves. Head shots, the biggest got two in the head, the smaller got one. Both of them turned to look at me as though it didn’t faze them at all before they collapsed. Then they started dragging themselves toward me at which point, I grabbed a baseball bat and started beating their heads in because obviously bullets weren’t working. Mom got home just in time to witness the final blow and they laid still.

     The next dream is after the first but for some reason, I was eight or nine this time. We were in the middle of taking a test and my phone wouldn’t stop ringing even though I had made sure that the battery had been taken out and everything. Regardless, it wouldn’t stop making noise. So the teacher was getting pissed and tried to take it away from me but I refused. Instead, he went to get discipline and I packed up my stuff immediately. I went out of the classroom and found one of my favorite teachers standing there. I asked her (in a very distressed voice while breathing hysterically) if I could go swing before I went to discipline because I was so upset. She immediately agreed and I cut through the entire school through an open hallway by the playground, left the school property entirely and started heading home. I was almost home when a couple of the discipline people showed up suddenly and tried to drag me back towards the school. I was freaking out by this time and was screaming bloody murder but nothing was happening. Finally, I make it home and there’s an eighteen-wheeler in the driveway so now I’m worried about what happened in the previous dream. I rush inside and mom’s talking to this guy. She turns to me and asks why the hell I’m home so early. I wanted to demand why she wouldn’t stop calling me though she knew exactly where I was but she instead told me that what’s-his-name was buying furniture from us while Kelly was out of town. About that time, the principle from my elementary school pulls into the driveway and starts coming towards the door. I run to my room and barricade myself in. I hear some fighting between mom and my principle but then she tells them I’m never going to attend their horrible school again.

     Like I said. Some strange dreams, I’m not making them explicitly graphic, and sleeping for fourteen hours is obviously not a very good thing for me, lol! Have a good Presidents’ Day.

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