A Day of Chaos…Literally

     Today started out like any other. Until around 9am, the washing machine crapped out on us after almost seventeen years(hey! It’s as old as I’m gonna be!). Then our 94-year-old neighbor called to tell us she had an accident. Mom rushed over and turns out she tripped and fell while she was at her foot doctor’s (long story) but she drove home anyway but found herself in worse shape than she thought. So Mom drove her to Pinnacle and they were there for five hours. She should be fine as of now. Kelly got home early around 3-something to figure out what to do about the washing machine then went to his chiropractic appointment. Mom has to go spend the night over at the neighbor’s to watch her (doctor’s orders). Should be interesting what else happens today… I’m pretty sure some other drastic event will take place before today’s over…

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