Sunday Craze

     The Putnam County Spelling Bee. If Josh plays any of those songs over here again, I shall murder him! I’m pretty sure I have the entire play memorized by now, which is most definitely sad. We tried watching a couple of movies on tv but he fell asleep through part of one of them. It was hilarious. I kept thinking he was dead because he wasn’t making a sound for once in his life! His mom must really enjoy it when he sleeps, lol! I’m just kidding, Josh…..mostly. Not much else occurred.

Saturday Madness

     Josh came over to spend the day and ended up staying the night as well. It’s been pretty interesting so far. Piano music drowning out all thoughts, playing Sims ’til I don’t know how early in the morning, watching movies, and playing catch with Josh’s face. He didn’t have as much of an issue with the post that is still holding up the house though he keeps thinking that the floor is vibrating. In all honesty, I think it’s all in his head, lol!

Pet Owner Issues

     The next door neighbor has a ten-year-old kid. His father could be his great-grandfather and his mom shouldn’t have had a kid at forty-something. The kid is spoiled rotten and is given everything he wants. He has a cat that he tortures and throws in the pool often and a dog that he never plays with or takes care of. I don’t even want to discuss the other pets he’s had. It breaks my heart to see his dog over there with no one to play with and whenever they’re out of town, we always babysit their pets. In the week or so they’re gone, they actually get attention and love but as soon as their owners get back, they’re back to being depressed again. Just wanted to voice something else that I hate about this world, not that it will do anyone or anything any good. Can’t even call animal control around here when a puppy tries chewing through a white fence to get to freedom because his owners were out of town and didn’t bother to feed it. Called animal control, they said they couldn’t do anything and told us to call the cops. We called the sheriff, nothing, they sent us back to animal control. They did absolutely nothing and that cute little puppy died from choking to death on wood splinters because it was trying to get out. There’s so much in life that certain people like us (underage) can’t do but if you have the authority to do something, use it and fix things. Just because I’m under 18 (397 days left) means I can’t do anything and laws make it impossible to do anything against criminals. So, maybe this will be read by someone who cares and who can do something. Maybe not. Either way, it’ll be out there.


    It’s natural of me to protect my friends. To always have their back, even when they don’t ask. Well, all of those so-called friends have, at some point, heard of the stuff I’ve done for them, though not to an extent, and guess what? They could care less! So when I have to ask for something or need to talk, of course, what I’d like/need doesn’t matter to them. How do I keep getting these single-sided friendships? It’s always 100% on my end and absolutely nothing on theirs. You’d think I’d just leave about now, eh? Just stop bothering to meet new people and just stick with the ones I know aren’t going to let me down? I’m thinking that too. I’ve always been independent and trying to pretend that I want to depend on friends is a crock of bull anyway. I guess it’s back to the old country gal. You can’t say I didn’t try to be a city girl. I never tried to change the real me, I simply tried doing a few things differently. Look how far that’s got me!

My Connection

     My birth element is supposed to be fire, my planet Mars, and my god is supposed to be Ares. Well, the elements I can fully control include water, air, and earth. I can control spirit but not completely and I prefer not to, like most other Wiccans. It seems weird that I can’t control fire, though it’s my birth element, right? I’ve always preferred Athena over the other gods and goddesses. She also seems to respond to me every time. However, I’ve also been blind. Since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with water and I prefer to be deep underwater rather than on the surface of it. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out that my main god is Poseidon. It isn’t like I’m going to shun Athena or anything. Quite the contrary. Some Wiccans have a god and goddess, or just a god, or just a goddess, or just ask Gaia for assistance, etc. There are a lot of combinations. So, Poseidon of Water and Athena of Intelligence. Interesting and yet, not too surprising in a way.

Happy V-Day

     Happy Valentine’s Day, guys. While I know the story behind Valentine’s Day, I regret I am not going to take the time here to repeat it seeing as a large majority of you have already looked it up online. It seems that some friendship issues are slowly resolving. Let’s see how far that gets. Lately I’ve been delving into some personal studies such as comparing religions. I’ve known for a long time that Christianity is mostly built on paganism. Yes, it’s true. Christianity consists mostly of paganism. The church just took large portions of paganism, made it their own, and the church demonized the parts they didn’t like. Hence, Wiccans were labeled as “devil worshippers” and as “demonic” while all along, the church was using most of the paganism customs. An eye opener there to some of you, eh? Here’s proof: to this day, most churchgoers attend services on Sunday morning with no idea that they are there on account of the pagan sun god’s weekly tribute–Sunday. That’s just one similarity and no, it’s not a coincidence. If you don’t believe me still, do a little research of your own. If you’re Christian, it’s not going to destroy your faith by any means. You’ll just be more learned in the history of your religion.