It’s natural of me to protect my friends. To always have their back, even when they don’t ask. Well, all of those so-called friends have, at some point, heard of the stuff I’ve done for them, though not to an extent, and guess what? They could care less! So when I have to ask for something or need to talk, of course, what I’d like/need doesn’t matter to them. How do I keep getting these single-sided friendships? It’s always 100% on my end and absolutely nothing on theirs. You’d think I’d just leave about now, eh? Just stop bothering to meet new people and just stick with the ones I know aren’t going to let me down? I’m thinking that too. I’ve always been independent and trying to pretend that I want to depend on friends is a crock of bull anyway. I guess it’s back to the old country gal. You can’t say I didn’t try to be a city girl. I never tried to change the real me, I simply tried doing a few things differently. Look how far that’s got me!

Personal Studies

     Lately, I’ve been researching deeper into mythology, written and spoken languages, and various histories. I don’t know where this new urge to learn everything  is coming from. Maybe it’ll last, maybe it won’t. Should be interesting what the results are regardless.

My Connection

     My birth element is supposed to be fire, my planet Mars, and my god is supposed to be Ares. Well, the elements I can fully control include water, air, and earth. I can control spirit but not completely and I prefer not to, like most other Wiccans. It seems weird that I can’t control fire, though it’s my birth element, right? I’ve always preferred Athena over the other gods and goddesses. She also seems to respond to me every time. However, I’ve also been blind. Since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with water and I prefer to be deep underwater rather than on the surface of it. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out that my main god is Poseidon. It isn’t like I’m going to shun Athena or anything. Quite the contrary. Some Wiccans have a god and goddess, or just a god, or just a goddess, or just ask Gaia for assistance, etc. There are a lot of combinations. So, Poseidon of Water and Athena of Intelligence. Interesting and yet, not too surprising in a way.

Happy V-Day

     Happy Valentine’s Day, guys. While I know the story behind Valentine’s Day, I regret I am not going to take the time here to repeat it seeing as a large majority of you have already looked it up online. It seems that some friendship issues are slowly resolving. Let’s see how far that gets. Lately I’ve been delving into some personal studies such as comparing religions. I’ve known for a long time that Christianity is mostly built on paganism. Yes, it’s true. Christianity consists mostly of paganism. The church just took large portions of paganism, made it their own, and the church demonized the parts they didn’t like. Hence, Wiccans were labeled as “devil worshippers” and as “demonic” while all along, the church was using most of the paganism customs. An eye opener there to some of you, eh? Here’s proof: to this day, most churchgoers attend services on Sunday morning with no idea that they are there on account of the pagan sun god’s weekly tribute–Sunday. That’s just one similarity and no, it’s not a coincidence. If you don’t believe me still, do a little research of your own. If you’re Christian, it’s not going to destroy your faith by any means. You’ll just be more learned in the history of your religion.

Cut Ties?

     “I’ll be back in one or two hours.” I don’t have a problem with that. I get back on after an hour. Nothing. I get back on after two hours. Nothing. I get back on after three…four…five…six….seven…eight…nine…ten…eleven…twelve…thirteen…fourteen…fifteen…sixteen…seventeen hours and still, nothing. Do you know how much that pisses me off when people do that? Don’t you think that someone who can’t get back online should call or text you? Well, then again, this is the same person who insults me daily and refuses to apologize for it. Here’s where I’m going to ask all of you a question. Should I cut ties with this person? I feel that I should. I’ve had enough of this immature nonsense. I look forward to your vote.

Word Play

     Having a blast (sarcasm) thanks to a “friend.” I would talk to him instead of complaining here but he won’t reply to any of my messages anymore. It’s funny that when he’s exceptionally rude and insults me, I don’t hurriedly get offline and ignore him. I think it’ll be another ten years before he even gets close to maturing. So rather than go into detail about this, I am going to admire the sunlight drifting through the dancing leaves of the trees. Now, there’s word play here. Leaves can’t dance. They can shake, rustle, etc but they can’t do the mambo or cha-cha. “Sunlight drifting…” Does it really drift or come down in beams? If you take apart sentences like this, it completely ruins the meaning of it, right? Sometimes and sometimes not. It depends on the person and their thoughts on the matter.

Too Nice is Right

     As much as I’d love to insult a “friend” on here, I will restrain from doing so and maybe that’ll open his eyes (I highly doubt he’ll ever open his eyes, but hey. Maybe someone will beat some sense into him). It’s been extremely dreary and that has not helped in my mood at all. However, it’s been nice and “chilly” as well. I’ve been reading The Davinci Code having finished Angels and Demons. Yes, I’ve already seen the movies but still, the books are always better (in very few cases is the movie actually better, and that’s just sad when that does happen). Short and sweet does the trick. I don’t feel like writing more.


     People want me to start tip-toeing around them, aka being careful what I say. What? When did I start saying things that offended them? I always ensure that I don’t. Well, since certain people believe that I haven’t been “polite” around them lately, I’m showing them exactly what it looks like when I do be impolite around them. Starting with my religion. Many people (Christians, Catholics, the like) believe that Wiccans are “devil worshippers.” I’m sorry. I thought we were moving forward and that this is the 21st century. I could be wrong about that but I’m gonna say it anyway, “you people are morons!” I have personally tried several times to get them to understand that we do not worship their interpretation of the “devil.” There are different types of Wiccans; some being a combination of religions (Wiccan-Pagan, Wiccan-Catholic, Wiccan-w/e). I am among the ones that celebrate Nature. This next is going to sound other-worldly but here goes: I use energy from the five elements to heal and protect people. Herbalists are similar. It’s not to summon demons, create chaos, or to torture people. It’s used for good. Now, if you’re more interested in this subject, I suggest you look up this religion and do some research, however! Make sure you cross-reference everything and remember, not everything is reliable, especially not Wikipedia. You can go into the Knights of the Round Table article (for example) and change Arthur to be you. Any sites claiming Wiccans are “devil worshippers” is not a reliable site. I hope this opened your eyes, even if  just a little.


     A strange dream, I recall from once upon a time. A dream in which I met a twin and we both pondered about exactly what once upon a time meant. Did it state that time was limitless? Or did it claim that there were other universes that were parallel with this one? Did man come up with the saying or was it put into his head by a god(dess)? As much as we thought and argued about the topic, we got no further along the path of understanding. When the time came for the dream to end, I called after the twin that was leaving yet she was somehow different. She turned, her eyes full of patience. “There are universes parallel to this one, right?” With a smile she replied, “man will find out when the time is right.” “But I am a young woman. When will I find out?” Her smile grew wider and I realized how unlike me she truly was. “When the time is right.” She turned and darkness swallowed her. I woke in a room drenched with sunlight. I sat up, looking about my familiar room, the dream’s events ringing in my head. I was not crazy. I am not crazy. We know there’s something out there. We can’t prove it now but we will. When the time is right.


     No, you haven’t won anything. Mwah ha ha! That’s just the way life goes. ;p I don’t have much to talk about in this post. I haven’t talked to Josh lately (listen to me. “Lately.” He spent the whole weekend over here for crying out loud!) and nothing too interesting occurred today. I’ve been playing Sims 3 (hehe) to build houses and haven’t even picked up a book so far. *GASP!* SO! I am getting off of the computer until 9pm so that I can either spend that time reading or writing. I already know I need to cook (*voices screaming in background* “She’s going to poison us! Help us!”) and you probably think I’m weird putting all the comments in parentheses (too bad!) but that’s what I think as I type it so you’ll have to deal with that if you’re going to be reading this blog(mwah ha ha!).