The Sour Truth

     Everyone is still having trouble with Master Ellis’ death. If my parents would allow it, I would have spent all day today and tomorrow at MSA. Seeing as I am unable to do just that, I will convince them to take me to the memorial Saturday. If I fail to be there, I will never forgive myself. Sure, not many people ever cared about me there but in a time of grief such as this, I have forgotten all of that. I only hope that I can be strong enough for all of them because just this morning, my dog has been having trouble. She couldn’t walk because of her leg and she’s still having trouble breathing. If it worsens even a tiny bit more, Mom is going to have her put down. After almost 11 years…It’s just too much for me to handle at a time like this and while my tears fall for her, I feel completely guilty. This is a time for MSA and my friends to mourn about Master Ellis. They shouldn’t be worried about how I feel for my beloved pet. I know I am going to be stretched to my limit for the next week or so. I just hope I’m strong enough to not lose it.

Master Ellis, R.I.P.

     Manatee School for the Arts Tae Kwon Do teacher, Kenneth Ellis, was murdered outside of his home. Here is the article and I ask you to read it.   I was a student of MSA and knew Master Ellis, though I was not as close to him as many others were.  All the evil in the world and all of the bad events seem to happen to the best people. Those two men shall be found. R.I.P. Master Ellis. MSA and everyone who’s ever crossed paths with you miss you dearly. Thank you for all of the lessons you have bestowed upon us all and we will never forget you. To view everyone’s comments who knew Master Ellis, please traverse to!/home.phpsk=group_121502537924143&notif_t=group_activity. All of your prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated. Today is a very sad day. The memorial is being held on this Saturday, April 2nd, 6:30-9:30pm at MSA in the Tae Kwon Do room.

Black Lightning

The movie Black Lightning was surprisingly good! It’s a combination of Herbie, Harry Potter, and Spiderman all rolled up in a foreign film. Here’s the description along with a picture of it(just scroll down to find the description near the bottom): If you haven’t already seen it and there’s a point in time where there are no new movies out that you want to see, definitely rent this movie.


     Dreary weather since late last night hasn’t been helping my attitude much. It matches my mood though. I used to love the light then hard pitter-patter of rain, the fierce flashes of lightning that brightens a room for a split moment, and the abrupt BOOM of thunder that’s occasionally so strong it vibrates the house. After spending two full days in the sun, you’d think that it’d be the perfect lazy and rainy Monday. For me, it’s going downhill in the last evening hours. Kelly wrecked his car (still don’t have many details about that), he of course called his mommy and drove his wrecked car back through the pouring rain to get a new set of tires all the way across town which he’ll change at his work tomorrow, the MegaMind movie we’re renting is ridiculously scratched up, and Kelly has mom running errands for him. Everything is completely messed up. It’s kind of like I’m thrown into one of my own stories that I’m never going to finish because the ending I envisioned for it isn’t a happy one that everyone would expect. Some good things will come out of this, but a lot won’t. I’ve cracked so many times in the last few months that I’m completely ashamed. So, this time I need to get my act together and roll with the punches. I already know what to expect but I keep acting like I don’t. Let me just tell you now: I hate emotions. Kelly and his family know precisely how to play on them which is why I am going to “turn to stone.” Also, I am going to publish a book BEFORE I turn 18. I’m tired of Kelly and his family putting every road block possible in my way. That goes for everyone else too. Find your inner strength and use it well.

Happy Birthday, Nicole!!!

     A big round of applause and congratulations to my dear friend Nicole F. who is exactly a week younger than me! Happy 17th!! We don’t talk as much anymore but I will always love you like a sister and have always missed you dearly when you’re not by my side! I’m sending a GIANT virtual hug your way! I can’t believe how much time has passed and I’ll always remember how everyone thought we were sisters because we had the same last name, lol! You are truly awesome and you start your senior year in August! I wish you lots of luck, hugs and kisses, and a very happy year! I love you and once more, Happy Birthday! ;p

Nothing As Planned

     Well, nothing went as planned (I ended up not leaving the house at all, so far) but Mom may have found herself a part-time job. She’s still out and about now but maybe I can convince her to drive me all over town to apply for jobs for me. ;p I just have to keep reminding her that I can’t get my own car until I get a job, lol!


     So, I think I’m postponing going to FSU for a year because of all the turmoil going on around me. Therefore, I’m going to MTI this morning to take a few classes there. It should be interesting, I just can’t forget to take my diploma with me… I’ll let you know how it goes when I get back. ;p