Sweet and Sour

     Good news and bad news. Good news: Today, I got my high school diploma in the mail so I passed the GED testing in one shot! Bad news: when I told Kelly (father) and Kaye (Kelly’s mother) about it…well, let’s just say I’m not happy anymore. They succeeded in ruining my happy day, as they do every time. Should I have allowed them to? No, but it gives me a reason to speak to Kelly the same way he always speaks to me (when I have to of course. Lately, I just ignore his existence like he’s always done with me). Well, it seems this post will be more negative than positive so I’d turn away now if I were you. I’m only joking. I’ll be positive for my readers. One comment from a reader made me happy and appreciative as of late so every time I feel down, I think of their comment. I always feel like no one cares because no one’s ever around other than my mom. Josh, no offense, is too something-or-other and doesn’t understand what’s happening. He can’t even handle his own problems so how on Earth is he going to even listen to mine? I’m not saying there’s an excuse for him, I’m just thinking aloud here. Well, I’m going to St. Augustine for the weekend starting early tomorrow morning so I won’t be able to blog for the next two days (though I may write my thoughts in a notebook and just post them as if I did write them the day of). Thanks for everyone’s support on here. Even though I don’t know some of you personally, you’re still there so I don’t feel so alone. Have a great weekend!


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