I love it how everyone wants to apologize and demand for a second chance after I’ve given them about a dozen. Out of the other dozen, have they changed? No, so why would they improve with the next second chance? The only reason I give people second chances is because of the fact that I would want a second chance as well. I have messed up in life plenty of times too and know what it feels like to be cast aside like trash. However, I also know how to get back up on my feet and to become someone that I’m proud of, not to mention not caring what anyone else thinks. Just like what I put as my status on Facebook: “I guess kids my age don’t like me because I have a lot of passion and know exactly what I’m going to do in life. Sure, there will be road blocks but that doesn’t mean I can’t jump over them, go around them, or dig under them. Don’t let people push you around. Just laugh at them because deep down inside, you know they’ll be begging for your autograph one day. ;p” I will eventually succeed while they are left mulling around like sheep without a shepherd. I don’t type empty words either. As a writer, words mean a lot to me (obviously). So, just because Josh has messed up lots of times before according to me and even though I know it probably won’t work out this time either, I’ll go ahead and give him another second chance. I’m hoping that he’ll surprise me and even if he doesn’t, what else have I got to lose?

My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson dedicated to Josh Algode.


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