Well, this is problematic! It seems I failed to blog yesterday. What’s with that? I’m pretty sure none of you are disappointed (or have noticed yet *crosses fingers*) until this post at least. There haven’t been many views so I’m almost certain that few know about this dilemma (until I announced it like an idiot, just to make everyone laugh ;p). Rather than cheating and going back to fit a post in, *cough* I’m going to just summarize yesterday’s events up here. After 48 hours, Josh decided to contact me and it seems to be back to normal (for now!), and that is always a warning sign that things are about to take a quick u-turn. In his case, a me-turn seeing as that is one of the main issues. However, as much as I hate to say it (haha), he does seem to have figured out that I mean business. So! Let’s get it together, people! I need more views if I’m going to keep posting daily!


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