In Her Honor

     Here’s what a very dear friend of mine wrote for me for my birthday. Thank you so much, Steve! The fact that you did this for me made me cry. I wanted to share it for just that reason.

“A knock on my door caused me to sway

And reminded me of the day.

So I got up and packed my things,

I was going adventuring.

I grabbed the package

And stepped outside.

It looked dangerous

But I couldn’t hide.

It was my quest

And my pride did plead:

“In her honor

I must proceed.”

I headed down the path that led

Through a bog filled with undead.

So I battled the restless horde,

Slaying many with my sword.

With vigor and might

I continued to chop.

It seemed endless

But I couldn’t stop.

Once it was finished

My blade did plead:

“In her honor

I must proceed.”

Next I came upon a forest of trolls,

Slaying them was beyond my control.

So I used the wit they lacked

And made it by without attack.

But my actions

Still brought me pain.

The route I took

Was through thistles’ domain.

Exiting the forest

My cuts did plead:

“In her honor

I must proceed.”

The last step was through a town

That was plagued by the devil’s hound.

So I summoned forth my will and might

As the creature forced me to fight.

Using all my strength

I downed the beast.

So I was granted

A luscious feast.

But I had to leave

So thus did plead:

“In her honor

I must proceed.”

Finally I reached Xanoxixa-Territory

To put an end to this merry story.

So I entered the castle of the dragon queen,

Carrying the package so lust and sheen.

Two Newfoundland guards

Stood outside her door,

Asking me

What I came here for.

 So I showed them the package

And then did plead:

“In her honor

I must proceed.”

They let me in and I gave her the cake,

My journey was over, but it was worth the aches.

Amongst the frosting the message displayed:

“Happy birthday to my friend Aris!”

-Dedicated to Aris Lisvacor

Hope you have a wonderful day! : )”


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