Umm, Ouch

     We’re looking for a place to move into to get away from Kelly. Finding jobs in this economy is pretty much hopeless. I don’t have any college experience (as of yet, have to have 4 years in order to work at any type of company) and mom has to return to school as well to learn the new prescriptions (pharmacy technician) in order to get certified for this state. It’s been fun. I don’t even want to talk about Kelly again at this point in time. Sassy isn’t handling this lack of attention very well (he only spends five seconds petting her before going off to do something or other that’s pointless) so she ends up sleeping with me each night now. Let’s see how fair that is: twin-sized bed versus king-sized bed. Guess who’s got the king-sized one. Yep, he does. Lovely, isn’t he? Plus, my allergies have been getting worse (allergic to pets and pollen yet I have a dog, lol). It’s all fun and games. Just wait until the tables turn. This weekend we’re having a yard sale (tomorrow and Sat.) and hopefully we’ll get enough money. I’m having a hell of a time trying to lift boxes or anything else even though my little skating accident happened on Sunday. I failed to mention that earlier but I fell on my back and knocked the air out of me. My back still hurts but my right hip isn’t as bad anymore (had to drag my leg because I couldn’t pick it up because of the pain). I bruised my ribs, lol! It was definitely…interesting. I haven’t had that type of pain before but in some ways, it’s good. I’m not even going to go into what Kelly and his mommy said about all of that (they could care less basically). We’ve been going and looking at condos/apartments around town and may have found one but I honestly don’t think my mom’ll go for it. We’ll have to see. Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone! ;p


2 thoughts on “Umm, Ouch

  1. theleagueofelder

    Have you gone to see a doctor, Jade? Those sorts of injuries stay with you forever. You’re young now, but eventually you’ll get old like me and everything will hurt. Make sure you haven’t slipped anything and that you’re healing as expected. I don’t want you to feel the daily pain that I do–I broke my foot in college and never had it looked at. It still hurts. I injured my neck playing volleyball–it pops and fusses and sometimes lets me know it’s there with an excruciting lottle “hello”.

    See a doctor, Jade–don’t make me have to worry about you.


    1. Kelly refused to allow me to go to a doctor or the hospital or even to let our neighbor(who’s a nurse) check on me. I can’t bend over because it still hurts too much but I can walk normally now. If I do have pain from this as I get older, I can just say what Kelly always says, “oh well,” lol!

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