Beach Day

     After the yard sale yesterday, I was totally wiped out and couldn’t even get myself to blog a few sentences. So I’m blogging today even though I’ve done even more, lol! The yard sale lasted from about 6am-3pm instead of 8am-2pm. It was exhausting and we still didn’t sell nearly enough. However, we did sell a lot and now the “garage (aka den-like area)” has a clear path from the door into the house to the outer wall. It’s a miracle that that was even possible, lol! I’ve met a lot of interesting people in the past two days and I’m kind of looking forward to it this coming weekend because of that. So! After all the yard sale stuff left behind but still yearning for homes was put away neatly, I had a couple of hours to myself to go through papers before Josh invited me to go to the beach. I felt too tired but I decided to go anyway because I hadn’t been in a while. I’ve been getting a lot of sun for the past two days (yesterday and today) because of standing out in the sun doing the yard sale stuff and then the beach for a couple hours. Amazingly…(drum roll), I DIDN’T get sunburned!!! I didn’t use sunscreen at all, lol, and even when I do, I still get burned. I have no idea why I got lucky today. After the beach, we went to Tyler’s for ice cream and Miss Carrie is the awesomest (<- yes, I used that word) person ever (besides mom of course, ;p). She really truly is and I am jealous of Josh that he gets to spend so much time with her. If I could, I’d kidnap her! Well, I’m over and out. I’m heading off to sleep early and I’m sleeping in. Have to be prepared for another day with Josh (tomorrow!). I hope everyone’s having a great weekend so far! ;p


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