Dreary weather since late last night hasn’t been helping my attitude much. It matches my mood though. I used to love the light then hard pitter-patter of rain, the fierce flashes of lightning that brightens a room for a split moment, and the abrupt BOOM of thunder that’s occasionally so strong it vibrates the house. After spending two full days in the sun, you’d think that it’d be the perfect lazy and rainy Monday. For me, it’s going downhill in the last evening hours. Kelly wrecked his car (still don’t have many details about that), he of course called his mommy and drove his wrecked car back through the pouring rain to get a new set of tires all the way across town which he’ll change at his work tomorrow, the MegaMind movie we’re renting is ridiculously scratched up, and Kelly has mom running errands for him. Everything is completely messed up. It’s kind of like I’m thrown into one of my own stories that I’m never going to finish because the ending I envisioned for it isn’t a happy one that everyone would expect. Some good things will come out of this, but a lot won’t. I’ve cracked so many times in the last few months that I’m completely ashamed. So, this time I need to get my act together and roll with the punches. I already know what to expect but I keep acting like I don’t. Let me just tell you now: I hate emotions. Kelly and his family know precisely how to play on them which is why I am going to “turn to stone.” Also, I am going to publish a book BEFORE I turn 18. I’m tired of Kelly and his family putting every road block possible in my way. That goes for everyone else too. Find your inner strength and use it well.

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