Master Ellis, R.I.P.

     Manatee School for the Arts Tae Kwon Do teacher, Kenneth Ellis, was murdered outside of his home. Here is the article and I ask you to read it.   I was a student of MSA and knew Master Ellis, though I was not as close to him as many others were.  All the evil in the world and all of the bad events seem to happen to the best people. Those two men shall be found. R.I.P. Master Ellis. MSA and everyone who’s ever crossed paths with you miss you dearly. Thank you for all of the lessons you have bestowed upon us all and we will never forget you. To view everyone’s comments who knew Master Ellis, please traverse to!/home.phpsk=group_121502537924143&notif_t=group_activity. All of your prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated. Today is a very sad day. The memorial is being held on this Saturday, April 2nd, 6:30-9:30pm at MSA in the Tae Kwon Do room.

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