The Sour Truth

     Everyone is still having trouble with Master Ellis’ death. If my parents would allow it, I would have spent all day today and tomorrow at MSA. Seeing as I am unable to do just that, I will convince them to take me to the memorial Saturday. If I fail to be there, I will never forgive myself. Sure, not many people ever cared about me there but in a time of grief such as this, I have forgotten all of that. I only hope that I can be strong enough for all of them because just this morning, my dog has been having trouble. She couldn’t walk because of her leg and she’s still having trouble breathing. If it worsens even a tiny bit more, Mom is going to have her put down. After almost 11 years…It’s just too much for me to handle at a time like this and while my tears fall for her, I feel completely guilty. This is a time for MSA and my friends to mourn about Master Ellis. They shouldn’t be worried about how I feel for my beloved pet. I know I am going to be stretched to my limit for the next week or so. I just hope I’m strong enough to not lose it.

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