‘Sygillis of Metatron’ by Ren Garcia

     After receiving my books by Ren Garcia earlier, I haven’t been able to put the first book I started down! It’s absolutely unique, adventurous, and hypnotizing! In all honesty, I’ve never had a thing for science-fiction and rarely find books that I like under the genre. Already half-way through book one of The League of Elder series and I’m hooked! The way Ren describes his characters, you almost expect to meet them walking down the street or in a bar. I have not finished reading book one yet but I recommend The League of Elder series to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t really care for sci-fi. Remember that I didn’t but Ren’s books have taken me by storm. Do yourself a favor and step into that storm. For more information on the author, the books, and where to purchase them, please traverse to: http://theleagueofelder.com/.

Official Name

     The first book of the prequel trilogy to Not Her Prophecy was nicknamed by everyone who read excerpts of it as Rothgar after what they assumed to be the main character. First, Rothgar is a main character but is not the only one. There are four main characters in Book One. Book One is now officially named The Dragonscale. It probably doesn’t make much sense to everyone why I’ve named it this but I’ll go ahead and throw in a hint: the amulet. Also, I wanted to explain about Race Against Time. ‘Race’ here means:  a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock. It doesn’t mean “racing against the clock.” It means that a kingdom of a different race could be completely wiped out. That’s just another foreshadowing that can be mistook. So, I’m unsure when I’ll complete The Dragonscale but I’m setting the goal as August 1st. The full series is The Dragonscale, Race Against Time, Fully United, and Not Her Prophecy. I still haven’t come up with a proper name for the entire series but I’m sure by the time I complete it that it’ll hit me. ;p

Working on ‘Rothgar’

     Finally, I find myself not editing, but actually writing more of Rothgar. The first battle is still playing in my head and though the writing has slowed enough to where I can write this blog post, it is still calling me back. When I do finally finish writing Rothgar, there’s still the two and a half other books to write(because I started book four before I realized I needed a beginning, Rothgar, which turned into a trilogy, so now there’s four books). It’ll definitely be fun and challenging, especially with everything else going on in my life right now. Well! This blog post is short but I’ve gotta get back to work. ;p

‘Elevation’ by Chantal Boudreau

     The first word that comes to mind: amazing. As intriguing as Fervor(Book One), Elevation continues to keep the reader on the edge of their seat waiting in anticipation for the next paragraph that could either save or permanently damage their favorite characters. Chantal Boudreau certainly has the mesmerizing skills to entertain and each of her works is completely original to the point where you’re eventually always second-guessing yourself. “Did I guess that such-and-such is going to happen to such-and-such correctly?” It’s natural to try and guess what’s going to occur next but don’t count on getting it correct with any of Chantal’s work, lol. If you do guess an event correctly, KUDOS! For those who don’t and won’t, don’t fret about it! Enjoy that her work isn’t so predictable like so many other pieces of literature out there. That’s what makes Chantal Boudreau such fun. ;p And a WARNING: Elevation has not been published as of yet. How have I read it already, you ask? I happen to be good friends with the author who has honored me with test-reading her books. Here are the websites for updates on Fervor, Elevation, and Transcendence: http://chantellyb.wordpress.com/ and http://www.scribd.com/chantal_boudreau. Enjoy!

Another Day

     Not much has really happened today. I went to the chiropractor again this morning and had to hear about how great Kelly is again, especially after my break down last night. That was fun(hear the sarcasm dripping from my words?). I almost didn’t go because I didn’t think I could handle it after last night. Oh yes. The last couple of days have been hell on my nerves(lol, reminds me of Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice) and Kelly doesn’t even have a clue. But he will, especially when everything comes crashing down around him. Kelly believes the way that he treats my mom and I is civil. The court says that we have to be civil with one another and since Kelly still hasn’t changed his ways, two can play at his game (since my mom isn’t up to it). I am sick and tired of just sitting around allowing him to walk all over me just because my mom tells me to. No more. I’m a relatively shy person around some people but it’s time I get to speak my mind. I will not just be I collateral damage to Kelly because he hates my mom. I will be the biggest living nightmare he has, just for the fun of it. After everything he has done to me and after everyone keeps telling me that I just need to “let it go,” I am fed up with being told how to think and act. This isn’t a rebellion against authority in general. This is simply payback for Kelly’s nonsense for the last 17 years. I’ve seen the effect of it on my mom and it will not have that effect on me. I will make sure he knows how much I hate him and then, when he can no longer take care of himself and has to be put into a nursing home, do you think I’m going to be the one to pay for it or to visit him? Hell no. While I’m still forced to be in his life, I will make sure he knows just how much I hate being around him. Then, when the time comes, I will simply leave and will never see him again. Kelly’s so scared about being alone when he’s older. That’s why he’s divorcing my mom and disowning me. Well, you know what? He will end up alone because of everything he’s doing now. Stupid old man. He’s the proof: You just can’t fix stupid.

‘Fervor’ by Chantal Boudreau

     “Fervor grabs your imagination immediately and refuses to let go as its life-like characters are tossed carelessly into a whirlpool of confusion and chaos where only they can help each other. Will they prevail or will they turn against each other while searching for a way out? At every turn in the story, you believe you have the answers, only to be proven incorrect. Discover the truth for yourself!” – Aris Lisvacor

     Once I began reading Fervor, I had a very hard time putting it down to do daily and basic necessities. Chantal’s book achieved a headlock on my imagination which caused Fervor‘s characters to come to life in a mini-movie inside my head. I was never quite sure what would happen next and I did quite a lot of guessing on my part. Those guesses did me no good, for Fervor proved to be unchartable territory for a simpleton like myself, lol. Chantal’s characters are truly memorable and are easily relatable to. A little birdie told me that the sequel to Fervor, called Elevation, will possibly be coming out in November, while book three is still a work in progress. I recommend this series of books to everyone and for further work from Chantal Boudreau, traverse to: http://chantellyb.wordpress.com/ and  http://www.scribd.com/chantal_boudreau.

A Happy Easter

     After a long, beautiful sunny day, there was a short thunderstorm. Afterwards, there was a huge rainbow. I’m putting this quite bluntly today, lol(sorry ahead of time). After spending the weekend with Josh again after mom had a panic-attack due to my depression, I’m feeling a lot better. It’s weird and when Josh is here, I’m distracted from the depression but when he leaves, it returns like a blanket. Either that or he just makes it go away completely when he’s here, lol. Whatever the case may be, the dark thoughts return once he leaves. So, what did I do today? Josh spent the night so we’ve been hanging out all day and went to lunner (late lunch, early dinner) with his family (great-grandma, sister, youngest nephew, dad, grandpa) and of course, Carrie! It was a fantastic time and Josh really doesn’t know how much I envy him at times. Mom’s job is still going very well. Nothing much has changed and I am extremely tired at the moment so I am going to hit the hay early and submit to treacherous dreams. Happy Easter, everyone.


     Alone. All I want to do is scream that word over and over and over again to the emptiness of the night. I am a good person who helps everyone I meet and once again, tonight, after so many promises… Well, I absolutely give up. I will allow the people around me to change me. Believe me, they have. Already I have told Kelly quite rudely to tell his family to get off my back. I seriously doubt that I will be speaking to Roger again in two weeks after all of the crap that he assumed without speaking to me about it. I am sick and tired of people and I will treat them as they treat me. My being nice has never gotten me anywhere. I still have not heard from Josh and I more than likely will not. I will now become one of the world’s biggest bitches. Oh wait, I already have been according to everyone. Aren’t they in for a rude awakening?

Pain Really is a Good Thing ;p

     After being in severe pain for the past two days or so, my mom finally dragged me to the chiropractor. I’m not even going to relay the situation that occurred with Kelly over that. So, I go in and sitting there is an artist and her husband, who just happens to be a college professor. The four of us start talking before I went in to see the doctor. She was extremely friendly but it did make me laugh that she kept saying that “Kelly is such a great guy.” She heard from the secretary/assistant that I’m a writer and we immediately started talking about it. It felt good to have a complete stranger be so enthusiastic about my writing from just the short time I had to explain the Amulet Series to her. After the extremely painful appointment (lol), I came out feeling a ton better and behold, there in the waiting room sat an author! Dr. Joanie introduced us and I found out some tips on how to get published as well as some other advice. It was quite a lot of fun and it was well worth the time going in to fix my right hip. See! If I hadn’t have waited almost a month to get this fixed, I would never have met those other people. It’s awesome how events manage to work themselves out. ;p

Even Better News

     No college for me. Kelly went back on everything he said and refuses to pay anything that concerns me (other than child support, but that’s only because the law requires him to). I’m not sure who precisely reads this so I am not going to post my true emotions on this matter. Yes, this is my blog but just in case, I won’t explain everything fully until this is all over and done with. The one fact is that I am not going to talk to Kelly ever again after this. For those of you out there who say “but he’s your father,” save it because you have no clue. Even if you were in a similar situation, you’re not in my situation so don’t pretend that you know what you’re saying. I’m probably going to lose a lot of readers for speaking my mind. If you don’t like it, take a hike. I’m tired of people expecting me to not be me around them. In case you’re all wondering, Josh and I are inseparable now. However, another old ex-friend abruptly loomed out of the dust that consists of my path. Let’s call him ‘Roger.’ Roger expects to be friends again but once more, doesn’t want to put any effort into it. I will put this here openly and without regret: it’s not going to work out so I’m not even bothering. He blames me because he thinks I expect him to change. I’m sorry but he’s the one who used to diss everything I ever did from the music I listen to right down to insulting my writing. That is unforgivable and if he thinks I’ve forgotten, I can tell exactly when, where, and how he insulted me each and every time. I don’t forget and I don’t forgive easily. It’s always fun to try to get the hell away from people like that. They always manage to hunt you down and then lurk, expecting you to help them with everything and thinking that you owe them everything. Screw that! I don’t owe anyone anything. I get myself through everything and I always have. It will remain that way.