Due to Master Ellis’ murder, I have been getting into contact with as many MSA students as possible. Well, guess what Facebook did to me? They banned me from sending any messages to anyone other than friends and from sending out friend requests for four(4) days. When I try to get ahold of a site manager or anyone behind Facebook, there is no such thing anywhere on the internet. Either that or I’m just a complete nitwit who still can’t find her way around the internet. I am extremely displeased and am planning to leave Facebook permanently this time. I have only ever had trouble with the site and since it is only a smidgen helpful to me, I have no real need of it. There are other sites that are much better and do not ban me from trying to help others virtually. Before I leave Facebook, I will give everyone my e-mail and Skype name. The Fantasy Writers group I have on there is falling into ruin as well but maybe someone else can run it far better. Nothing but bad news all week and Facebook never fails to frustrate me. But it’s a beautiful morning and I hope that brings a little joy to everyone. Master Ellis is saying it’s time to stop mourning for him. He is happy and will always be with us in our memories. Now let your tears be not of sorrow but of joy for him. He did what he set out to do in life and cherish that you knew him. Master Ellis was, and will always be, a great man.


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