Newest Goal

     After the extremely stressful “friendship” with the infamous Joshua Algode, my newest goal is to not bother having any friends. Just because I don’t have any friends, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me. The definition of friend to me is someone who talks to me almost every day of the week, knows all of the “basic” things about me, is punctual to ALL “play-dates” (if not, they at least call), and a few other things. It’s very sad that nobody on Earth fits that right now, and there’s how many people on this planet?! I’m going to focus on college, writing, and everything that’s actually important to me. Too many experiences have shown me that all of the people in my generation are selfish, hateful, disrespectful, foul-mouthed…you get the idea (I could continue on forever). If I was born in another generation, I believe I would be fine but I was brought up to be old-fashioned, mature, and respectful. That’s why I can’t get along with anyone but, again, it is not my fault. I am tired of taking all of the blame as to why no one can get along with me. They’re attracted to me like leeches because they know that I will succeed and they won’t. Well, I’m cutting those leeches off of their food supply. I’m not taking anymore bull shit from anyone. I get enough of that from the family I wish to rid myself of. I don’t need to get that from outsiders who won’t be around me in the next five years. Who cares how I helped them before? They thought they’d seen me angry and ambitious before. I’m just getting started.


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