Pain Really is a Good Thing ;p

     After being in severe pain for the past two days or so, my mom finally dragged me to the chiropractor. I’m not even going to relay the situation that occurred with Kelly over that. So, I go in and sitting there is an artist and her husband, who just happens to be a college professor. The four of us start talking before I went in to see the doctor. She was extremely friendly but it did make me laugh that she kept saying that “Kelly is such a great guy.” She heard from the secretary/assistant that I’m a writer and we immediately started talking about it. It felt good to have a complete stranger be so enthusiastic about my writing from just the short time I had to explain the Amulet Series to her. After the extremely painful appointment (lol), I came out feeling a ton better and behold, there in the waiting room sat an author! Dr. Joanie introduced us and I found out some tips on how to get published as well as some other advice. It was quite a lot of fun and it was well worth the time going in to fix my right hip. See! If I hadn’t have waited almost a month to get this fixed, I would never have met those other people. It’s awesome how events manage to work themselves out. ;p


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