Alone. All I want to do is scream that word over and over and over again to the emptiness of the night. I am a good person who helps everyone I meet and once again, tonight, after so many promises… Well, I absolutely give up. I will allow the people around me to change me. Believe me, they have. Already I have told Kelly quite rudely to tell his family to get off my back. I seriously doubt that I will be speaking to Roger again in two weeks after all of the crap that he assumed without speaking to me about it. I am sick and tired of people and I will treat them as they treat me. My being nice has never gotten me anywhere. I still have not heard from Josh and I more than likely will not. I will now become one of the world’s biggest bitches. Oh wait, I already have been according to everyone. Aren’t they in for a rude awakening?


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