A Happy Easter

     After a long, beautiful sunny day, there was a short thunderstorm. Afterwards, there was a huge rainbow. I’m putting this quite bluntly today, lol(sorry ahead of time). After spending the weekend with Josh again after mom had a panic-attack due to my depression, I’m feeling a lot better. It’s weird and when Josh is here, I’m distracted from the depression but when he leaves, it returns like a blanket. Either that or he just makes it go away completely when he’s here, lol. Whatever the case may be, the dark thoughts return once he leaves. So, what did I do today? Josh spent the night so we’ve been hanging out all day and went to lunner (late lunch, early dinner) with his family (great-grandma, sister, youngest nephew, dad, grandpa) and of course, Carrie! It was a fantastic time and Josh really doesn’t know how much I envy him at times. Mom’s job is still going very well. Nothing much has changed and I am extremely tired at the moment so I am going to hit the hay early and submit to treacherous dreams. Happy Easter, everyone.

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