‘Elevation’ by Chantal Boudreau

     The first word that comes to mind: amazing. As intriguing as Fervor(Book One), Elevation continues to keep the reader on the edge of their seat waiting in anticipation for the next paragraph that could either save or permanently damage their favorite characters. Chantal Boudreau certainly has the mesmerizing skills to entertain and each of her works is completely original to the point where you’re eventually always second-guessing yourself. “Did I guess that such-and-such is going to happen to such-and-such correctly?” It’s natural to try and guess what’s going to occur next but don’t count on getting it correct with any of Chantal’s work, lol. If you do guess an event correctly, KUDOS! For those who don’t and won’t, don’t fret about it! Enjoy that her work isn’t so predictable like so many other pieces of literature out there. That’s what makes Chantal Boudreau such fun. ;p And a WARNING: Elevation has not been published as of yet. How have I read it already, you ask? I happen to be good friends with the author who has honored me with test-reading her books. Here are the websites for updates on Fervor, Elevation, and Transcendence: http://chantellyb.wordpress.com/ and http://www.scribd.com/chantal_boudreau. Enjoy!

One thought on “‘Elevation’ by Chantal Boudreau

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