Official Name

     The first book of the prequel trilogy to Not Her Prophecy was nicknamed by everyone who read excerpts of it as Rothgar after what they assumed to be the main character. First, Rothgar is a main character but is not the only one. There are four main characters in Book One. Book One is now officially named The Dragonscale. It probably doesn’t make much sense to everyone why I’ve named it this but I’ll go ahead and throw in a hint: the amulet. Also, I wanted to explain about Race Against Time. ‘Race’ here means:  a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock. It doesn’t mean “racing against the clock.” It means that a kingdom of a different race could be completely wiped out. That’s just another foreshadowing that can be mistook. So, I’m unsure when I’ll complete The Dragonscale but I’m setting the goal as August 1st. The full series is The Dragonscale, Race Against Time, Fully United, and Not Her Prophecy. I still haven’t come up with a proper name for the entire series but I’m sure by the time I complete it that it’ll hit me. ;p


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