Interesting Weekend

     So far, I’ve had an interesting weekend by far. For starters, I’ve been reading The League of Elder series by Ren Garcia since receiving them yesterday. Also yesterday, I saw an eagle and two hawks up-close. Today, a small beautiful butterfly landed on me and it’s been the usual hot sunny day. After this morning’s excitement of seeing an ambulance over at the elderly neighbor’s house, I visited her for a little while to keep her company and to listen to her retell me that morning’s events again and again and again, lol. She really is a sweetheart. Ninety-four and still living alone! It’s awesome. Hopefully I’ll talk to Josh at some point tomorrow once he’s finished with his three-day temple thing. Real descriptive today, aren’t I? *smirking* I just can’t stop thinking about how I should be starting college tomorrow and how I won’t be. It’s been on my mind daily. Of course, Kelly went partying all week and he’s sleeping all day today. Today is the one day he actually doesn’t go out partying but he’s usually gone all day. I find it amusing how I can tell the drastic difference between fairy tales and real-life. In fairy tales, families actually care about each other and in real-life, they all hate and disown each other. That’s my life story anyway. I’m sure there are many out there who have a very healthy relationship with their family. You don’t realize how easy and good you have it. Maybe you never will, but I’ll always know. Happy May 1st, everyone.


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