An Example of Me

     The journey of life, so everyone claims, is to find out who you really are. Well, I’ve already known who I really am but everyone around me doesn’t know who that person is. They see the cool exterior that I always have and only rarely does some unlucky person get to see a level below that when I’m distraught. Still, I don’t believe anyone has truly seen me, besides my mom but even she doesn’t realize, or sometimes forgets, how deep I am. Well, an example of someone who is most like me inside is Anne Shirley(of course it would have to be a fictional character, *scoffing*). In the books and movies, she talks the way I do inside my head and the way I yearn to talk around other people. Anne is different but her imagination keeps her from losing hope until the time she happens across wonderful and accepting people. I can really relate to Anne but I still haven’t met anyone I can really be myself with, yet. Josh, you say? He knows the ‘me’ I’m used to being around everyone. I would be myself completely the only issue is that no one understands a word I’m saying. I’ve tried it before, lol, with disastrous results. That’s why I love my imagination. In the writing world, nothing is wrong or limited. I can be myself without criticism. Well, without much criticism, lol. Even if I don’t become an author, I’m still going to keep writing. It’s the only place I can truly say that I feel safe and understood.


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