Warning: This post isn’t about sports, movies, books, etc, but rather what is in my head while I sleep. Can you handle that? Alright. So keep reading. Last night, yet another weird dream. There was a huge cove with a large sandbar island near its center. On the island, two groups of pirates from separate ships fought. Somehow, two children were on the island in the midst of the fighting so I grabbed them and swam them to shore where I was captured. I wasn’t taken to prison but was imprisoned by a man in charge of the town and nobody questioned it. I was basically his slave. Guess who the guy looked like? That’s right. Kelly, lol. So, try as I might to escape, for some reason there are invisible forces keeping me within a certain distance of Kelly. The children I rescued go to get the pirates to help me but even they can’t assist. In the end, I drown Kelly, cut off his finger, and only by carrying it around am I allowed to get a certain distance from the rest of the corpse. Are you creeped out yet? I’m still laughing because I didn’t watch any movies with pirates in it nor did Kelly piss me off too much yesterday. Go ahead and say my ‘thoughts are Dark.’ It won’t bother me. ;p

Copyright © Aris Lisvacor


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