New Look

     Why a new theme for the blog? Well, the last one (Black-LetterHead) was getting a little stuffy so I decided I’ll change it for a while. I also like the Misty Look, Quentin, Sunburn, Twenty Ten, and Thirteen themes so you may come for an update one day and the blog will look like one of those. Continuing on, I had to set up an appointment to get my driver’s license and the soonest they had was in about two weeks (made appointment Monday) so it’s the 31st. What a way to start June, eh? Since Josh hasn’t talked to me in almost two weeks (that long already?), I found another way where I don’t have to talk to him and I can say things about him that always pisses him off or things that he never wants to talk about. So I’m still waiting for him to contact me. Why don’t I just contact him? Because I’m tired of being the one to have to call/text him first and then he just blows me off. If he does’t want to talk, that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m moving in July and I seriously doubt I’m going to tell him where I live, lol. *stopping self* I’m not going to travel down old roads. Anyway, I’m still writing chapter fourteen of The Dragonscale but I’m a lot further than I expected to be yesterday. My mom hired me as her assistant for her Ebay store since she has a part-time job now and is about to get another. I’m really excited about that and I actually have fun listing all of the jewelry. Call me weird but I’m easily entertained. Oh, here’s a link in case you want to take a look: There’s not much up right now but there will be eventually. I’ve had random urges to play guitar but since Kelly broke my strings and I haven’t had a chance to get them fixed yet, that’s out of the question, lol. I’ll stick to the piano, I guess, it’s just not the same. Well, back to my writing and country music.


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