My day started off with me trying to blog and my computer deciding to do updates for a couple of hours so I completely forgot about attempting to. I then worked a LOT on The Dragonscale before the beginning of Book Two hit me like a Shelby Mk2 GT40. Naturally, I immediately started writing it so today, May 20th, Race Against Time, Book Two was born. Pretty inspiring stuff. Now, as darkness falls(which is my favorite book(When Darkness Falls) by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory), I can’t help thinking that over two weeks have passed and still no word from Josh. A lovely ex-friend, eh? I’ve even had Skype on and have stayed up until midnight waiting. Nothing. It seems a lot of people from MSA are extremely selfish. I have tried to stay in touch and I’ve been their friend through thick and thin. Then I look around at times like this and wonder what exactly they’ve ever done for me. Well, I’m moving in July and it’s going to be a whole new situation, new opportunities, and a happier me. Why a happier me? It’s because I won’t be packing away any selfish people to carry into my new home. ;p


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