Strange Situation

     I don’t call Kelly ‘Kelly’ straight to his face…so how the hell does he know that I call him that and that I’ve “picked up on that from your mom?” If he’s reading this blog, that’s just fine and dandy. That thought actually makes me laugh because he absolutely hates reading. I’m going to be a writer which is even MORE comical. I bet Kelly never even picks up one of my books. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he didn’t either because I expect it of him. You guys were expecting an even weirder situation than this, weren’t you? Sorry, I guess my thoughts have gotten a little boring lately, rofl!

     I’ve been listening to Rascal Flatts for the last couple of days and that’s what’s been keeping me on my feet for the most part. Once I move, I won’t have to keep finding ways to keep me from going into depression again, lol. Who knows? Maybe I’m still ‘suffering’ from depression. Whatever the case is, the Zombie Apocalypse on Facebook should keep me entertained, lol. That and my dragons, blog, writing, books, drawing, etc. Lots of possibilities. Just have to know which ones to grab at the right time. ;p

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