Stopping and Wondering

     First off, I did pass my driver’s test the first time and received my license today. Wahoo! I know. My mom and I are having a hard time with that fact since that means I’m almost an adult, lol. Continuing on…I’ve been wondering lately about the reason Josh refuses to call/text or return any messages at all. I have a feeling that a little Demon Birdie has been telling him many lies. I believe that this little Demon Birdie has been singing about me saying things about Josh that I’ve never said. The same old back in kindergarten when a tiny rumor can ruin all of one person’s friendships. This little Demon Birdie is doing precisely that for me at the moment. However, I’m not going to shoot down that little Demon Birdie. If Josh is stupid enough to believe any of it, I honestly think he doesn’t deserve to be my friend. If he still hasn’t learned to trust me, he never will and I really can’t sit around all day waiting for people to grow up. I don’t want to have to be the one to solve everything anymore nor the one to try to patch up friendships that I haven’t wronged in. I admit when I am wrong and I do apologize when I am. So, the little Demon Birdie has accomplished what he wants (separating Josh and I) and since Josh has allowed it to happen, I’ll check up on him in several years and see if he ‘wakes up.’ Maybe by the time Josh travels the world, graduates college, settles down, and starts a family, he’ll come to his senses. We’ll see.

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