Feel Free

     Life is too short. My friends want to grow up fast. Me, I’d rather go back to the elementary school days. That’s not the point of this post though, lol. Josh doesn’t know what to do, apparently. He still hasn’t contacted me and I’m pretty sure that someone is telling him that he shouldn’t be friends with me. Probably because I spend so many blog posts talking about him and not all of them are positive, lol. Well, whatever. Josh has his faults just like everyone else does. If he lets someone tell him to not be my friend, he obviously doesn’t need to be my friend. If he actually does contact me, that will speak for itself.


     After a lovely evening yesterday of being bombarded by two people as to why I haven’t contacted Josh, I would love to state that I can do whatever the hell I want to. Afterall, that’s exactly what Josh does. He hasn’t tried contacting me. Why do I always need to be the first one to contact him? So, go ahead and make me seem like the bad guy, Josh. Be my guest. I don’t have to listen or deal with it. You don’t want me in your life except when you want something. I’m not giving anyone anything anymore. Everyone can take care of themselves or they can learn how to by themselves. I’m tired of feeling obligated to help people. Forget it. They don’t help me, I don’t help them. That simple. Sure, I may seem cruel or whatnot. Go ahead and judge me. I dare you. But you don’t know the first thing about me. A tip though: don’t challenge me because I always win.

Tons of Junk

     There was a lot of junk in my past, literally, and it has been kept for some strange reason. Finding it all, going through it, and getting rid of it seems simple but is chaotic. People hate moving for a reason, lol. Sorry for such a short post but I’ve got things to do, speaking of which. ;p

Final Decision?

     Well, Josh isn’t going to ever get the picture so I’m glad that I’ve come to a decision. I don’t know if it’s final or not still but it more than likely will be final. My thoughts haven’t been as dark lately which is odd but good. I received a weird message on Facebook today from someone I don’t know…no clue what that was about, lol. Fourth day in a row that it’s been dreary and raining and I want to scream at Mother Nature right now because of that. I’m going to get back to packing while blaring music. ;p


     A slow day today. Got ‘Castle on a Cloud’ song stuck in my head for a large portion of the day and it’s been raining three days straight. Snuck onto Josh’s old site and listened to his music. He’s too preoccupied with his new relationship so I’m just a shadow. However, I have made another really good friend(I’ll call him Teddy on here) and it’s been pretty hilarious so far. ;p The rain is a bit of a downer and so is the fact that everyone sleeps most of the day off because it is dreary so I’m going to blast some music now and piss someone off. At least there’ll be some action for once today. ;p Over and out.

My Heart

My Heart

A treasure in the farthest depths

Out of reach, oh yes

For if it were easy to retrieve,

A treasure it would not be.

A faint whisper of its history

Resides in it but is still a mystery,

For how could something survive so long

With ever more numerous scars.

Its surface remains thick and hard

Nothing ever able to penetrate it,

Until a weapon so quiet and quick

Dashes straight through to the center of it.

The treasure so long encased in its shell

Expands and bursts out from the gates of its own hell,

A glowing crimson is seen from afar

Illuminating the man who holds my heart.

Copyright © Aris Lisvacor

No Readers

     Here’s another blog to no readers. ;p I haven’t had an excellent day yet at the same time, I have. It has been a very enlightening one and for that I am very grateful. Mother Nature also granted me some extra little niceties. I’ve drawn a few things that have calmed me down though I’m not going to share them here. People would think I’ve lost my mind but I haven’t. I’ve always been this way, I always will be, and those that do not accept me the way I am can get the fuck out of my way. I am not tolerating anymore bullshit. This world is my purgatory and I will completely control my time here. I am limited by what I believe that I can do but no longer. I can do anything and I will do everything.

Something Cheery Yet? Nope.

     When mom and I went to the beach Sunday, a guy tried to commit suicide. That was interesting to watch. Monday, not much happened either. Yesterday, the beach again and I went to the library. I ran into an old friend from school there which was very…filling, I suppose is an okay word for that. I’ve been gradually pushed off of everyone’s list again so I’ve delved into my stories again since I can’t put trust in anyone. It’s funny that Josh thinks I lean on him and says that he ‘can’t always be there for’ me. I remember only two times that he actually took the time to talk to me about it without going into any ‘silly business.’ I do find it amusing that people who always lean on me think that I lean on someone. There is no one. There is only me because no one wants to listen to my thoughts or ideas on things. There are a few people that do encourage me to go on but it’s not the same thing, if you understand my meaning. But don’t worry, World. I will be an author and then my words will be heard across the world. You can be sure of that.

Curiosity Doesn’t Kill

     Curiosity never killed the ‘cat.’ In horror movies, of course the idiot actors/actresses are going to go find out what happened and are just going to happen to get brutally murdered. To teach that ‘curiosity kills the cat’ is ridiculous. We would be no where without curiosity and without breaking away from society. This generation is going to get absolutely no where as well because all of them are undisciplined, immature, stupid, etc. That’s what happens when kids have their children when they’re still children. They ruin that child’s future. However, there are a very few that actually raise their kids themselves. Don’t think I look down on anyone who is having or has had a child while they’re under 18. I understand that it is their decision and no one is to stop them from doing what they want. Another problem that should be addressed. However, I’m not here to talk about teen pregnancies though that’s where I’ve been heading. I’m just blabbing for the most part. I don’t like the world nor most of the people in it. You could say I’m very hateful now. Look down on me for it, go ahead. I won’t be the judge of you but you go ahead and be the judge of me. Yes, I am using a fancy technique called sarcasm. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, which I won’t be celebrating. Perhaps that’s why I’m in a fouler mood than usual. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure there are a ton of reasons. I’ll go back to reading LotR again seeing as there are still no readers.


     I’ve had quite a lot of fun following the rules of the land, truly I have, but there’s just one problem with all of that. Oh, it’s very obvious. It gets a person absolutely no where. So, I’ll forget the rules, kill the royal family, and live in a secluded part of the forest. Where is this all coming from? Well, you could say I’ve had a change of heart, personality, and have lost patience. I rather enjoy this darker side of life. It’s where I belong. Where I don’t have to bother worrying about what people think, how they act towards me, what they say behind my back, or how little they trust me. I’m going to the empty side of my made-up world. A place where I can do as I please, get revenge on people, and get away from those I hate. Ah…sweet bliss. I can almost taste it.