Yes! It’s finally June! Schools are letting out across the country for summer, I’m closer to moving, and there’s a lot of stuff to be done! Packing for one, writing for another, and hanging out with new friends online for a third. ;p I still need to start writing that post for Into the Mind of the Writer. I had it all planned in my head but I wonder if I can remember all of it because I just know I’m not going to take the time to write it down, lol. I’m also trying to get Cavern of Dreams back up and running. I like just having one blog though, rather than trying to run three, lol. It’s kind of lame to write a post on one blog and simply copy it over to the other two. It’s cheating, in my view, lol. So! I will try to get better at blogging on the other two. No promises though. Finally heard from Josh, hehe, and though I want to tell him a bunch of things, I’m not going to. People make mistakes and there’s no point in bothering to dwell on them. Did you know that there’s only three words in the English language that start with ‘dw’ and I just used one of them? Lol! Dwell, dwarf, and dwindle. Weird, eh?


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