A Shout Out to Jeff

     Ok, my daily readers, don’t bother to read this post. This is strictly for a kid named Jeff Grolemund. This is the last warning I am ever giving you. I won’t text you ever again until you reply to a text message, you won’t reply to my messages online, your voicemail is always too full for me to leave messages, and I am not spending gasoline to drive to your house. If you do not reply to my messages by June 11th, you can pretend that I never existed as you are doing now. If you do not go to my graduation ceremony on June 29th, you can pretend that I never existed. I will never speak to you or see you again if you do not attend an important moment in my life. Once I cross that stage, I am ridding myself of all the people who continue to hurt and upset me daily. Sadly, you are one of those people and I seriously doubt you will change. I’m hoping you will but you have to prove me wrong. If you don’t prove me wrong, you can’t blame me. If this is how you treat every single one of your friends after everything they’ve ever done to you, I don’t need to deal with it nor have you clinging to my side every time you want something. When I cross that stage and you’re not there, you will have made your choice. A choice that I just can’t find within me to forgive.


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