Almost Made It A Week

     I almost made it a week without blogging, lol. Today would be Day Six but I just can’t stop the urge I have to blog(not that there’s much to blog about right now but I’ll try to find something interesting ;p). I finally got a new phone and I love it(this all happened yesterday, lol). I went to the chiropractor’s only to have to accept that I’m not allowed to roller skate ever again(happened Monday). Yes, I’m skipping around here a lot but my thoughts are muddled at the moment from texting a friend, writing, blogging, and trying to watch a movie(don’t try this at home, kids!!). So! I’ve been driving further and longer now(which is fun because I finally get some silence). Plus, I can go to the library now that my mom doesn’t have to take me. She kind of likes the library but she doesn’t like to stay there for more than ten minutes. I’ll never understand. Well, I’m gonna get back to writing! ;p


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