Curiosity Doesn’t Kill

     Curiosity never killed the ‘cat.’ In horror movies, of course the idiot actors/actresses are going to go find out what happened and are just going to happen to get brutally murdered. To teach that ‘curiosity kills the cat’ is ridiculous. We would be no where without curiosity and without breaking away from society. This generation is going to get absolutely no where as well because all of them are undisciplined, immature, stupid, etc. That’s what happens when kids have their children when they’re still children. They ruin that child’s future. However, there are a very few that actually raise their kids themselves. Don’t think I look down on anyone who is having or has had a child while they’re under 18. I understand that it is their decision and no one is to stop them from doing what they want. Another problem that should be addressed. However, I’m not here to talk about teen pregnancies though that’s where I’ve been heading. I’m just blabbing for the most part. I don’t like the world nor most of the people in it. You could say I’m very hateful now. Look down on me for it, go ahead. I won’t be the judge of you but you go ahead and be the judge of me. Yes, I am using a fancy technique called sarcasm. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, which I won’t be celebrating. Perhaps that’s why I’m in a fouler mood than usual. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure there are a ton of reasons. I’ll go back to reading LotR again seeing as there are still no readers.


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