Something Cheery Yet? Nope.

     When mom and I went to the beach Sunday, a guy tried to commit suicide. That was interesting to watch. Monday, not much happened either. Yesterday, the beach again and I went to the library. I ran into an old friend from school there which was very…filling, I suppose is an okay word for that. I’ve been gradually pushed off of everyone’s list again so I’ve delved into my stories again since I can’t put trust in anyone. It’s funny that Josh thinks I lean on him and says that he ‘can’t always be there for’ me. I remember only two times that he actually took the time to talk to me about it without going into any ‘silly business.’ I do find it amusing that people who always lean on me think that I lean on someone. There is no one. There is only me because no one wants to listen to my thoughts or ideas on things. There are a few people that do encourage me to go on but it’s not the same thing, if you understand my meaning. But don’t worry, World. I will be an author and then my words will be heard across the world. You can be sure of that.


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