Taking It Easy

     I worked on character biographies today after going to the gym again (haha, every day), Merlene came over for a little while to hang out, and then Nancy came over to watch a couple of movies. I am exhausted right now so I’m heading to sleep early before I fall on my face, lol.

Too Much Fun! XD

     Ruben came over to play Xbox, lol, and he totally slaughtered me! Hopefully I’ll get more used to it the more he comes over with his Xbox(hint hint!). ;p Having a fantastic conversation online right now with a bunch of awesome friends. Also editing The Dragonscale while doing everything, lol. Some serious multitasking. I’m going to be a bridesmaid too and will be traveling to Jamaica next summer to attend the wedding. Yes, I’ll be wearing a pink dress, lol! I’ll have plenty of time to consider that before the time comes. ;p I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


     Another great day hanging out with Merlene. Should be a lot of fun hanging out with Ruben tomorrow. He’s going to easily slaughter me at some Xbox games, lol. Don’t really want to discuss the Kelly situation today but I’m done. Today was the last straw. I’m tired of unnecessary drama and believe me when I say that I’m not tolerating it anymore. Remember how I wanted to move into the countryside away from certain people where I could just write, be happy, and enjoy myself when I’m older? Well, by the time I finish this post, I’ll be older.

Not Having Time

     It feels pretty good to have so much to do that I barely have time to write. But, like everything, it has its downside because I’ve been wanting to write a lot lately. It’s unusual but horribly funny that I suddenly have the urge to write when I have everything else to do. Merlene is awesome and has been hanging out with us a lot. She has spent more time with me in three days than my ex-friend used to in four months. It’s sad, especially since I’ve only known Merlene for four days.

The Library

     I went to the gym this morning with my mom and our neighbor. We had much more fun than we should have, I think, lol. Then I went to the library to meet up with Ruben and Mike. I went overboard with books as usual but I will be able to read them all in between the time I do the daily things and writing, of course. We’re going to the gym again tomorrow, which will be fun, lol. And Merlene spent most of her day with us. Every since we’ve moved, it’s been awesome. That’s just life proving to me again that there are good, caring people in this world. That alone makes my day. ;p


     I’m really busy writing at the moment so I’m blogging while I have a moment to think over what I’m going to write next. I’m no longer waiting for dodo to contact me(I’m tired of worrying over nonsense) and I had a wonderful conversation with Merlene just a few hours ago. Plus, we’re going to be working-out buddies. She’s in her fifties(and doesn’t look it at all!) and is a complete sweetheart! So, I’m really excited about hanging out with her a lot(she lives a building down and she’s always out walking around). That’s all the time I have to blog so adios!


     My father claimed he was going to ‘swing by’ yesterday evening or today but I haven’t heard a word since yesterday. Kandis is going over there to visit him on the 30th of this month so he’s making a big deal about that. No word from Josh. I haven’t been writing lately. Haven’t really felt like it at all so instead, I’ve been rereading the Harry Potter series. Books never get tiring for some reason. Nor can they talk-back, ignore, or walk away, lol. Maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much. ;p

I Guess

     I haven’t done much today. Mostly listened to music, ran a few errands, and went to karaoke but it was cancelled so I’m now chatting with a couple of friends. Starting to get dragged further into one of my ‘trances’ where everything is surreal. It’s rather interesting but a pain at the same time because it’s hard to snap out of it when I need to.


     It’s top-secret, haha. Finally met three awesome people in person but next time we’re all hanging out at the beach or something, lol. Had a ton of fun, my feet are hurting a little now, and I have to get up early tomorrow so this post is going to be super short! ;p

Me and Conscience

Me – It’s easier when I have no expectations or ‘wants’ because then I don’t feel disappointed when nothing happens.

Conscience – That’s no way to live.

Me – So what? I haven’t met many young people who are actually passionate about something other than boys.

Conscience – You don’t fit in with young people. Get used to that. Most young people are too stupid and immature right now to notice.

Me – They won’t ever wake up.

Conscience – Be more positive.

Me – That’s hardly possible at the moment.

Conscience – One day someone will understand you for you.

Me – But that’s not what I want.

Conscience – What do you want?

Me – I thought I knew once upon a time.

Conscience – What you want scares you. People think you are so clever and that nothing can ever bring you down. You’re not always like that. Let them see who you are the rest of the time. Stop letting them push you down.

Me – I know what I need to do, it’s just not easy and right now, I feel like taking a small vacation.

Conscience – This life isn’t a vacation. You can’t run away.

Me – I am fully aware of that.

Conscience – Then get to it and stop procrastinating like all those other young kids.

Me – I’m still a teenager even if I don’t have the mind of one, lol. I have to at least act like one.

Conscience – You’ve only got eight months left. Make something of that.

Me – I will, no worries.

Conscience – Hakuna Matata never got Simba far.

Me – *rolling eyes* Don’t even start there.