Drama Queen

     I’ve been keeping things nice and Rated-PG. Things are going to take a dramatic turn around, seeing as I am the one being dramatic by not talking to my friend, getting told(not nicely) what I should and shouldn’t do, and etc. I’ve tried talking, I’ve tried using pictures, and I’ve tried using music. But yet, I’m the drama queen. I’m expected to apologize(which I used to do until now) even though no one else apologizes. Just like everyone else in my life, they try to say that everything is my fault. Well, I’m sick of no apologies, no changes, and of no one listening. It’s really easy for me to ignore as well and just as easy for me to erase all regret. The world wants me to be a bitch, I’ll be a bitch. It’s no wonder everyone’s so hateful all the time. There is a small number of the population who are actually friendly and decent. The rest of you, go fuck yourselves. I’m sick and tired of your bullshit.


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