FINALLY! We have everything in our apartment and have the most important things unpacked already. I am really tired now but we have cable and internet now! I love the apartment and our dog is still adapting. I haven’t had much time to walk around ‘exploring’ yet but I’ll have plenty of time next week(I hope). I’m leaving most of my books packed up because there’s no sense in cramming my bookshelves with them right now. The entire apartment is flat-white so my furniture blends in perfectly. I’m still waiting to accessorize the place with bright splashes of color. I don’t think we’ll get around to painting anytime soon but it looks very nice regardless. The screened in back porch is larger than we expected so there’s plenty of room for a small outdoor table and chairs. There’s a wooded area in the back and it looks like we’re back in South Carolina almost. Well, I suppose I should get back to unpacking and organizing, lol. Break-time is up. ;p


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