I started a new blog that is going to be all about the Medieval Ages. I’ll share it once I get a few more posts up. The first post is a tad too traditional but the next few will be informative while sarcastically fun. Yes, that is a new phrase: ‘sarcastically fun.’ Just like I use ‘horribly funny’ a lot as well. Well, Kelly came over for only a few minutes today and wants to do something this weekend. Maybe I can get him to take me to see HP7P2! XD Maybe, just maybe. ;p I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of having to spend time with him though. It’s very awkward and quiet. I finally walked around the tiny ‘wooded area’ to the side and back of the apartment. I’m going to go cross the creek and walk down it tomorrow. Maybe there’s enough room for a fort or something, lol. Never know. I don’t feel like driving all the way over to GT Bray anymore. I don’t think mom would let me (trying to keep gasoline costs down) go all the way over there more than once every two weeks. But, you never know. She might surprise me. Today was my Aunt Shiela’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! I’m really, really enjoying living in an apartment away from all of the stress. I’m much happier and am even a little more charismatic, which is very strange for me. It rained a little on and off today. Plus, it’s humid as hell right now. You walk outside for a few moments and you come back in gasping for air, lol. Yes, that is seriously how bad it is. But, it’s still really nice outside, other than those mosquitoes. No one can have everything though and for those who think they do have everything, there’s no real point in living. I mean really. If you already have everything you could possibly want, what’s the point of continuing on in life? Wouldn’t it get really boring after a while? I think so but then again, that’s just me. ;p


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