The Turning Point in My Life

     Today started off like any other. Then we took Carrie out to lunch because she is completely awesome! We had a ton of fun and stole her from 1pm-4:17pm. BUT, that’s not the best part. We stopped by the movie theater to see if Harry Potter 7 Part 2 was sold out for the midnight showing. They weren’t. I just about hyperventilated when my mom got the three of us tickets to the showing of HP7P2 at 12:10am! She has NEVER done anything like that before! That was when I really noticed how much my mom has changed since we have moved and I’ve even noticed how much happier I am as well. It was like the getting-my-high-school-diploma-in-the-mail kind of feeling again(when I got my diploma, I froze in shock, then started jumping up and down, screaming, and crying, lol). It was a great feeling. So! We get to watch the last Harry Potter movie at midnight with Carrie! XD What could possibly be better than that(me getting a car!! *cough*)? ;p


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