British Accent

     I’ve been talking in a British accent for the past couple of weeks and it’s been driving everyone around me bonkers, lol. I’ve been listening to and watching a lot of British stuff so I suppose that’s why. For example, Lily Allen, Harry Potter movies, Pride and Prejudice movies, etc. I catch myself only occasionally and my mom spends a lot of her time making fun of me for it. The only time I have my country accent back is when I talk to my Papa, which I’ve been doing much more often. I’m planning to go and visit him as soon as I turn eighteen, I don’t care what tries to get in the way then. I’ll even give up a chance to have one of my stories published just to be able to see spend time with him in person again. It’s been nine years since the last time I’ve seen him. That’s much too long in my opinion and I’m much more fond of him than I am of my own biological father. Ah, but I’m allowing myself to get more than a little off-topic. I probably already mentioned this, then again I may not have, but I went to lunch with my biological father on Sunday, though it seems ages ago, and it was rather agreeable. I did most of the talking, as usual, but he shut up long enough to listen. However, I am still unsure of what my actions will be because it will affect my future. I’ll do what I need to when the time comes, I suppose. I just don’t appreciate feeling like I have to straddle a fence. I guess that’s how some divorces go. The kids have to decide which parent they want to go with leaving the other parent feeling betrayed and if the kids hang out with the other parent, it seems a betrayal to the parent they chose to live with. So much drama, but there can’t be a map to everything. I think I already know my decision, I just don’t want to be too hasty about it. That’s what everyone has always told me to do. “Slow down, girl! If you just slowed down you would notice more things.” It’s true, but will it actually get me far?


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