A few days ago, I noticed I’d gotten bitten in two areas by something. Whatever bit me, I’m allergic to it. Not too terribly though but enough to hurt like hell every time I bump the areas(don’t touch the bites then, right?) One is on my neck and the other is on my side. Rofl, I’d say vampire but that’s a little weird. So this morning, my mom put bandages on them but the problem is, I’m allergic to adhesive so…it didn’t help much. It’s all horribly funny. Tomorrow the bug-guy is coming early in the morning so that’ll be interesting, especially since my mom will be making such a fuss. If I can already see it now, you know it won’t be good. So, I won’t be doing very exciting things for the rest of the week and I’m not looking forward to being forced to go to the doctor on Monday if my bites don’t ‘look better.’ At least I haven’t had to go to the chiropractor, yet.


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