Me and Conscience

Me – It’s easier when I have no expectations or ‘wants’ because then I don’t feel disappointed when nothing happens.

Conscience – That’s no way to live.

Me – So what? I haven’t met many young people who are actually passionate about something other than boys.

Conscience – You don’t fit in with young people. Get used to that. Most young people are too stupid and immature right now to notice.

Me – They won’t ever wake up.

Conscience – Be more positive.

Me – That’s hardly possible at the moment.

Conscience – One day someone will understand you for you.

Me – But that’s not what I want.

Conscience – What do you want?

Me – I thought I knew once upon a time.

Conscience – What you want scares you. People think you are so clever and that nothing can ever bring you down. You’re not always like that. Let them see who you are the rest of the time. Stop letting them push you down.

Me – I know what I need to do, it’s just not easy and right now, I feel like taking a small vacation.

Conscience – This life isn’t a vacation. You can’t run away.

Me – I am fully aware of that.

Conscience – Then get to it and stop procrastinating like all those other young kids.

Me – I’m still a teenager even if I don’t have the mind of one, lol. I have to at least act like one.

Conscience – You’ve only got eight months left. Make something of that.

Me – I will, no worries.

Conscience – Hakuna Matata never got Simba far.

Me – *rolling eyes* Don’t even start there.


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